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What is GA?

  • Delegates from congregations make the decisions for the UUA. Every year delegates convene to make decisions. Delegates decide what issues need attention and what UU’s think should be done.
  • Work on service projects during GA.
  • Highlights include: Worship, Speakers, Service Projects, Banner Parade, Synergy Bridging Service, Public Witness, UUA Bookstore onsite, very active participation by Youth Caucus.  Usually, about 4,000 UU’s attend GA.  About half are delegates, from nearly 600 congregations.






Why should I go to GA?

Have fun! Make new friends! Get informed!  Learn from other congregations!  GA won’t be in our area again soon.

When and where is GA?

When is GA? June 21-25, 2017 (or even a day or two) in New Orleans at the Morial Convention Center

What dates are important?

March 1

  • Housing Reservations Open (NOTE: GA hotel space fills quickly. The GA hotel conference rates are basically good from June 17-27 but would be based on availability.)
  • Pre-GA Racial Justice Training Workshop
  • General Assembly (both onsite and offsite delegates)
  • Hands-on Service Projects during GA
  • Financial Aid Applications are available

March 31 – Financial Aid Application Deadline

April 30 – last day for “early bird” registration rate

May 1 – Registration Rates Increase

May 18 – UUA contracted hotel rates expire

June 1? – Delegate requests to Emerson Board

How can I keep expenses down?

See the Guide for the frugal attendee includes this advice:

  • Act quickly. The GA Housing Reservation System opens on March 1. Expect that inexpensive rooms, especially inexpensive rooms that are close to the convention center, will sell out.
  • Register early, before April 30, when rates are lower. Registration rates increase May 1.
  • Volunteer to work at GA and earn your registration fee.
  • Go for only a couple of days. (One-day price for the weekend.)
  • Share a ride; share a room.

Who can go to GA?

  • Anyone can attend.
  • Delegates may vote on behalf of their congregations. They must be voting members of the congregation.  There is no special category for “youth” delegates, but youth may be delegates so long as they are members of the congregation.
  • Emerson qualifies for 8 delegates. The Board selects delegates and may also designate alternates. To attend as a delegate, notify our Board of Trustees president, Barbara Crotty.
  • Expectations of delegates: All delegates must register for GA to participate and vote on business items. Off-site delegates follow a separate registration process.  Traditionally, the Board does not direct delegates how to vote, but does expect them to vote.

How do I prepare as a delegate?  Familiarize yourself with the business items on the Agenda. Discuss agenda items with your congregation. Learn how to effectively speak in General Session by reviewing the General Session Participation Guide. Learn about candidates for election.

What do delegates do?

This year delegates discuss and revise 2 Congregational Study/Action Issues. These are issues selected by Unitarian Universalist member congregations for four years of study, reflection and action.

This year delegates elect a new president. Who are the candidates?







Voting on UUA President at General Assembly 

Delegates to this year’s General Assembly in New Orleans will be called on to cast ballots for a new president. This covenantal responsibility occurs only once every six years. Read the UU World’s coverage of candidates and their visions. Given the importance of this process, consider being a delegate yourself. Emerson is looking for committed delegates.

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What is GA really like?

To see videos of the major events and several workshops, go to

Banner Parade:  Plenary I,  minutes 17:45 to 31:42.  The video includes a few still photos of additional banners after the parade.







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