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April Sunday School News!

Our April Sunday School Calendar!

April is among our most exciting months at Emerson!  We kicked things off with the awesome celebration of Easter, from our triumphant worship service (gotta love our orchestra’s brass section helping out!), to children’s time for crafts and games, … read more.

Back home

“But… the toaster oven has always been in that corner…”

Oh, the joys of packing…

By the time this post goes online, my family will be back in our home. Today, newsletter deadline time, I’m in the temporary apartment surrounded by boxes – some … read more.

From Katy – Sabbatical planning!

Copper tangle chalice

During our January 28th worship service, I announced that I’m heading off for a sabbatical May 1 to July 31 of this year.  A sabbatical is an opportunity to take a breath and dig deeply into a subject of interest, uninterrupted by the … read more.

A Bright Start to the New Year!

Happy New Year!

January 12th to 14th we host a weekend-long rally of about eighty teenagers (and their accompanying chaperones) from across Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and maybe states beyond! Why would we open our building to such an event? Immersive programs of learning, service, and fun … read more.

Scents of the Season

Cinnamon ornaments!

Christmas memories, for me, are all about the smells. The tang of pine wreaths and trees and garland, wet wool socks drying above the woodstove, and of course, the thousand glorious scents of holiday baking.

My mother would spend the month before Christmas baking … read more.

Practicing Gratitude

Each evening one of my sons comes in and gives me a hug before he heads to bed. “Thank you, Mom.” Sometimes there’s a specific mention (for a tasty dinner, letting him borrow the car, keeping him alive all these years), but more often it’s … read more.

Summer’s Weekend

August, to me, feels like the summer’s weekend. Can I sink in to a lazy sweet day? Shall we go on an adventure? Or should we sensibly use the time to get ready for on ALL THE THINGS–back to school shopping, new work projects, belated … read more.

Under Construction!

How are you under construction right now? What are you working on, professionally and personally?

Our Family Library shelves under construction!

While our Sunday School schedule is a little lighter, I can make space for special projects. One tangible thing I’m excited about right … read more.

We build this community together.

In May of most years, we have a flower ceremony, each of us contributing a flower to represent the gifts we bring to this community of faith. After we bless the flowers together, we redistribute them, everyone taking home a different blossom.

Our … read more.