Author: Becky Edmiston-Lange

Houston Chronicle Article: Protests

Regarding “Faith-based groups turn up the heat on ICE” (Page F3, Sunday), it was very gratifying to read the article that highlighted the response of both the Unitarian Universalist Association and the American Friends Service Committee to the inhumane abuses of ICE. It was particularly … read more.

Stewardship Season

We are in Stewardship season – the time when we ask one another to think about the importance of this congregation in their lives and to make a financial commitment to the church for the year.

If you were in church on January 21 when we … read more.

Becky’s October Column

Life does not proceed according to plan, does it? Who of us would have anticipated that, for the second time in a row, a church year would begin with such sadness? Of course, last year, the sadness was specific to our congregation with the sudden … read more.

From Becky

The most common thing people say to me these days when they first see me is, “You doing okay?” Sometimes it’s just an offhand remark, but more often it feels like an expression of genuine care and concern for my well-being. So, I thought I’d … read more.

One stitch at a time

Iranian hand embroidery

My new friend, Leila, brought me a gift from Iran a few weeks ago – a beautiful table cover of Northern Iranian hand embroidery. With its varicolored wool thread intricately stitched into paisley and leaf designs, it must have taken dozens of painstaking, exacting … read more.