Letters Home

A Veteran’s Day service in recognition of members of our Armed Forces, current and past, featuring excerpts from letters and journals of service men and women from World War II to the present. Five Emerson members who are either veterans themselves or have connections with … read more.

Life, Death and Immortality

All Souls / Day of the Dead
In this special service honoring the memory of all those we have loved and lost, we contemplate the mystery of being born and having to die. What in our life is immortal?

Embracing the Shadow

What do you want to be for Halloween? This season of witches and goblins, super-heroes and fairy princes and princesses provides an opportunity for us all to explore our “shadow” side. What hidden part of your personality is yearning to emerge? What aspects of human nature does our society prefer remain hidden? And who or what carries the “shadow” for us all? Feel free to come in costume. Our children will be doing so as it is UNICEF Carnival Sunday.