A Lollapalooza of a Community Celebration

Flower Communion is a ritual unique to Unitarian Universalism that affirms and celebrates how we each give to and receive from others in our congregations.  We will also be recognizing the new members among us and expressing our appreciation for all the volunteers that make Emerson what it is.   New Member Recognition, Volunteer Appreciation and Flower Communion all rolled into one!  What’s not to love?  Everyone, please bring a flower to share for Flower Communion.

The Spirituality of the Senses: Touch

Mother’s Day seems the perfect time to explore the spiritual dimensions of touch.  Touch is an emotional need that endures from cradle to grave; how we are touched by our primary caregivers as infants is hugely determinative of our lifelong wellbeing.   Further, touch is the foundation upon which life itself evolved and without touch life could not continue. Touch bespeaks the interdependence of all life.  Appropriately, we also will be Commissioning the newest members of our Lay Pastoral Ministry Team.

Coming of Age Sunday

Emerson teens have spent the year considering the big questions of life and their deepest values. In this annual service, they present their credo statements to the congregation.